Waterproofing Assessment & Reporting

About Waterproofing Compliance

We are leaders in waterproofing compliance. We specialise in providing comprehensive waterproofing inspections and accurate assessments for all large-scale construction projects.

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Professional bitumen waterproofing on a flat building.

Highly qualified waterproofing experts

At Waterproofing Compliance, we are highly qualified waterproofing experts with decades of industry experience and practical knowledge. Our dedication to excellence means you can be confident that we will identify any waterproofing defects and provide you with detailed recommendations on how to correct them.

We understand the complexity involved in meeting compliance with stringent Australian Building and Construction Commission Standards.

And we have the ability to pinpoint critical issues through thorough waterproofing inspections and accurate assessments for all large-scale construction projects or existing buildings.

Whether you are a property developer, project manager or licenced builder, we can help you achieve full waterproof compliance to ensure maximum warranty and the long-term quality of your building.

Foreman officer inspector checking the floor

Comprehensive waterproofing inspections

We have unparalleled experience in professional waterproofing and our team knows exactly what to look for when performing a waterproofing inspection. For over 25 years we have overseen successful waterproofing installations across thousands of commercial and multi residential buildings.

While the Department of Fair Trading approves builders to complete the waterproofing installation… it takes an expert to make sure you are 100% compliant. And this is where our assessment services are invaluable.

“The NSW Building Commissioner has the power to go onsite and shut down a construction project if it does not meet industry standards. Waterproofing issues are one of the top three problems encountered in construction; and waterproofing failures can be extremely costly.”

– Ron Caruana, Founder of Waterproofing Compliance.

Our comprehensive waterproofing inspection reports outline every aspect of the building’s waterproofing. We review all documentation to make sure what is on paper is exactly what is installed and that it meets the strict regulatory guidelines.

Man holding a floor plan and a hard hat facing the construction site

Reducing compliance stress

The Australian construction industry is facing a new era. Within an ever-changing landscape, new and updated regulations can create constant headaches. We understand that it can be challenging to navigate the standards… but we can help to reduce compliance stress.

Engaging our services to complete a waterproofing assessment is the first step in ensuring your project complies with all industry and product warranty standards. Our role is to maintain an objective perspective of the project. We review both internal and external standards and inspect all the utilised materials to make sure they are of the highest quality and correctly applied.

“Waterproofing labour warranties are some of the longest within the trades… they are six years – just like a builder’s warranty. This is because when waterproofing fails it is deemed a structural problem.

If there is a waterproofing issue it can cause extensive damage and so the NSW Building Commissioner requires a comprehensive list of everything that has happened throughout the building process. Our involvement during construction can mitigate the risk of future complications.” – Ron Caruana

Waterproofing Compliance team

Ron’s trade career started as a builder and electrician, but the moment he discovered waterproofing, he knew he’d found his calling.

“It was the late nineties and I encountered a waterproofer on a building site… I immediately wanted to find out more about it! It really interested me because it was relatively new as its own trade… waterproofing had been around for many, many years but was rarely talked about… I wanted to learn everything I could and really specialise in the field.”

He went into partnership with an industry colleague and spent several years gaining extensive experience, honing his waterproofing skills and achieving both Australian and international accreditation. He developed strong relationships with suppliers and built a solid reputation within the Sydney construction sector.

He eventually branched out on his own and started a highly successful waterproofing company which enabled him to truly stake his claim as a waterproofing expert.

His experience now spans more than two decades and he has worked on many major Sydney buildings including the Opera Residences at Circular Quay, the Museum of Contemporary Art at The Rocks, the Cochlear Building Macquarie Park and Holsworthy Military Barracks.

In recent years, his focus turned to compliance… which is a natural extension to his commitment to providing the best service to his clients. He knows that poor quality waterproofing can be disastrous to the longevity of a building, so it is critical that construction projects meet industry standards. He has exceptional knowledge of Australian Building and Construction Commission Standards and an unrivalled ability to identify waterproofing defects.

“I’m a perfectionist when it comes to achieving a good result… I really smile when I can help people and resolve their problems. I’m motivated to find the issues, help design solutions – and just make life easier for people.”

Contact Ron and our waterproofing experts to find out more about how we can help you achieve the best construction compliance outcome.

Our Waterproofing Compliance Services

Waterproofing Design Consultation

Engaging the services of our expert waterproofing consultants can help save you time and money by reviewing your waterproofing design plans before construction starts.

New Construction Waterproofing Inspection

We perform waterproofing inspections at multiple stages during the construction phase to appraise installation processes, material application and waterproofing quality.

Existing Building Waterproofing Remediation

For existing buildings, we conduct comprehensive waterproofing inspections to detect potential issues or assess the extent of waterproofing failure in preparation for remediation.

At Waterproofing Compliance, we are dedicated to helping you achieve full compliance in accordance with the Australian Building and Construction Commission Standards.

PO Box 224 Casula NSW 2170

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Find out more about how we can help you achieve the best waterproofing compliance outcome.

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